Valentine’s Day with Degrassi!

Kolleen: Hey everyone! I know it’s late here on this very special day, but it’s never too late to give someone you love a Degrassi themed Valentine! Besides, you still have at least 3 more hours (EST) and everyone knows all the Valentine’s Day fun really begins at night (wink, nudge). So print these out and give them to your loved one. Our Degrassi themed Valentines say “Your love has shot me right in the spine’! And they’re way better than those carnations you get for a dollar in high school.

I apologize for how mean spirited these are.

I apologize for how mean spirited these are.

eli degrassi

Alternately, he’d crash his hearse just to get your attention:)

holly j, degrassi


kc jenna degrassi

ellie degrassi

Your love leaves her in stitches

emma jay degrassi

Were the bracelets worth it Emma?

craig degrassi valentine

He’s addicted to love AND cocaine. We still love you Craig.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We love YOU most of all.

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